Plan Your Work
Increase efficiency

Planning gives you direction, clarifies your purpose, stimulates you into action, and improves your attitude and relationships.

Better management skills

Looking at nine leadership competencies and how they fit together, you can gain confidence and a grasp of the leadership role in any situation.

Getting Organized
Increase efficeincy

By developing strong organizational skills you can dramatically improve productivity and self-confidence as you learn to control your environment instead of letting your environment control you.

Goal Management
Reach all your goals

Goals can keep you focused. Goals can bring you closer to success. But goals have little value unless you can complete them.

Training Methods That Work
Excellent training skills

Increase your confidence as a trainer. The 17 methods presented can help you take your training efforts to new levels of excellence.

Cultural Diversity
Master diversity

Employees from different cultural backgrounds bring a wealth of creativity, insights, and skills to their jobs. It is up to the employers to recognize, cultivate, and value these contributions.

Converting Change to Opportunity
Create career opportunities

This thoughtful broad based, personal growth program can take you to either a more significant role in your present organization, or lead you to a better position elsewhere.

Business Communication
Professional communicator

Discover how to organize concise, logical messages, deliver good and bad news, develop professional writing habits, and avoid communications that are bland, confusing or culturally insensitive.

Meetings That Work
More productivity

Find the fundamentals of setting agenda, choosing appropriate settings, encouraging participation and motivation. Learn about tools that will make you more productive and efficient.

Effective Teamwork
Create synergy

As organizations continue to discover the benefits of employee teams, those viewed as effective team players will become valuable assets within the work force.

Managing Disagreements
Resolve differences

Gain a better understanding how to deal with various conflicts using some guiding principles that give you an insight into different approaches to resolving differences.

Participative Leaders
Empower employees

Learn how to develop a more effective participative leadership style and empower employees to reach higher goals while focusing on innovation, commitment, and company wide participation.

Delegation Skills

Find a prescription for overcoming common fears of delegation, knowing when and how to delegate work, identifying the best employees for delegated task, and keeping delegations projects on track.

Effective Listening Skills
Better communication

For anyone who wants to succeed in business, becoming an effective communicator is a key goal. Effective listening is an important part of this. Learn how to make effective listening work for you.

Effective Performance Management
Measure performance

Find specific tips for coaching each worker to improved productivity and motivational levels, including how to keep a good performer on track, when to use criticism and praise successfully.

Coaching Skills
Inspire and motivate!

Discover the essentials of coaching, including how to do it, when to do it, and why it is necesary in today's business environment to maximize employee performance.

New Supervisors
Great management skills

Develop skills to think like a leader, learn how to gain respect and support, find out how to ensure tasks are accomplished on time and experience how to encourage team building.

Effective Personal Relationships
Great relationships

Explore tools for developing, refining, and building your interpersonal skills. Get tips on how to build raport, trust, and respect through better communication, improved listening skills.

Communication at its best

Understanding more about your own personality will help increase your self-awareness and also how your personality influences interactions with others.

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